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Suitcase Home Bar

3 Home-Bar Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank.

Hi you lovely lot! It’s been a while again. I’ve been really struggling the last few weeks to find the motivation to write new content. I thought going part time would allow me the time to blog more, as well as crack on with some projects around the house. What actually happened was the change in routine […]

Ikea 'Matholmen' Wicker Sofa and Chairs

My Favourite Garden Furniture Finds.

Does anyone else finish one project and immediately get itchy feet to start another? I’m glad it’s not just me, although sometimes I don’t even finish the first project before I get stuck in to the next.

Now that the office is complete, we really want to sort out the dump that is the back garden […]

Displaying Musical Instruments Around The Home [Home Décor Ideas]

Good Morning! Today I was meant to be traveling to Birmingham NEC to visit the Antiques For Everyone exhibition. But, that plan went straight out of the window due to an injured shoulder. I don’t think I could have managed all the driving today! It also means that the blog post I was hoping to write afterwards, showcasing […]

A Day at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa’s Mid-Century & Vintage Fair [My Favourite Finds]

Last Sunday my lovely friend Laura and I ventured down the A30 to the beautiful Bedruthan Hotel & Spa for a girly day out at their Mid-Century and Vintage Fair. This was the first time both of us had visited Bedruthan, and I have to say the hotel itself is gorgeous, with a beautiful view of Mawgan Porth and the sea. The […]

The Rise of the ‘Urban Jungle’ Generation: How House Plants Have Charmed Their Way Back Into Our Homes.

My love affair with plants kicked off a couple of years ago, when I visited an aquatic plant supplier in Denmark with work (also the start of my obsession with Scandinavia…). It introduced me to the world of aquascaping (underwater gardening for those who aren’t fish geeks like me!), and also made me realise that […]